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Volume III

by Obsidian Tongue

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Anatkh 14:43
Sempiternal Voice Sharp cold beam Lord of Time introduced Fantasy quivers and shrinks Guilty and exposed Volumes and vows Demanded to be left Outside the narrow light of your judgement From stone to fire, from flame to Gods Fear appeared at the spark Clung to the first smoke And raped it for the birth Of every false God to ever enslave us The ground vanishes beneath me And I remain where I lay Suspended on black beams of pure consternation Vast grid of terrifying weight A glimpse of eternity The homeland of Rapture's lattice Where the sun turns to black cloth I only wanted to behold The apex of wonder and love The path that you left for me Was a trap Leading to a hive Made of desecrated children's remains They are just like me The dew along the walls of the hive drips down to a tip where the steady drops fill 4 limbed jars of clay They are given names - and they stand and run to the 4 corners of the earth ANATKH - ANATKH They carry out your (vomit) wreaths For mankind to hang upon their doors To ward off the wisps of mortal fear But I am the lock and key And this timeline will not be yours to pull asunder Now that the truth is born A crawling singing fog The morning star and I have become Merging at midnight To seep and seek and save Those who see and know Angels came to me in the form of ailments Oh, the things they showed me: Clay mutants congregate to Chain every skull to the ground And watch the sky darken When every cloud seems to be riding your corpse in When every silence Seems to be the last to give way To your precious seven horns (Lord) I was your child then But only then Shackled, pale, sleepless A limbed void My youth worn as an anklet Around your sickly green limb Sempiternal Sight Warm blue beam Lord of Truth introduced Christ quivers and shrinks Guilty and exposed Inside the narrow light of My Judgement
A glowing green stream in the mud acidic to the touch hypnotic nonetheless I have melted and rebuilt my skin so many times Knelt down at the stream again Inhaling the fumes and smiling Smiling at the sting I lay down and swim in a sea of memories Of entrancement and agony Of losing Consciousness from the pain And falling into a gorgeous poison green dream Bathed in the spring of thoughts exiled Bathed by Giants who stared silent until I was changed They sang a song of alchemy Taught me the melody carefully Then they encircled and drowned me with spit Endless green streams Loveless cease of Dreams Endless green streams Ceaseless love of Dreams Nothing's been the same since I awoke and watched my body rebuild itself Again and again I wonder the purpose of my torment When I wonder sometimes I recall Lyrics from their strange song The purpose was written in a verse whose word surface And never clarify The pathetic peak of my waking visions The dust from dead tongue mantras From a wisdom I don't deserve From an escape I haven't earned Endless green streams Loveless cease of dreams Endless green streams Ceaseless love of glorious dreams When I try to jar the substance it melts the glass and slithers away When I try to escape The forest trail rings me back So I'll continue to believe that this is my destiny So that I may teach the next to fall into the poison green
Standing still, outlined, opaque the creatures of a summer long forgotten Raging wind consumes them, thin and ghosting They hold their ground on the wilted bog The stars, the mist, the silence The great wound in the sky begins to blow They didn't turn to look As the red began to spill forth The tunnel it Formed plunges into the Earth And in the red appears a door Raging Fire consumes them, thin and ghosting The children of a summer never seen And all was silent and purple Fog fingers arrange the bones Into the vesica piscis The bones lock and illuminate The tribe will never die I can hear them again Their cadent whispers From the Timberline Of a closer valley than ever At last we tread the same sphere At last we absorb the sunset from the Shadows A drop of life distilled in a Grail of death But it is not the right time I still have one more soul to save Wait at the bridge for me I will return soon and change The Fate of the Harbingers of Dawn with what I bring Back from the earth Just one more soul And we'll cross the threshold as one We cannot prolong You cannot request The portal is closing But we will find you again
Empath 13:21
Close his eyes now As he lays in your arms One last song before you dig As it always was And as it shall remain Walk straight away don't look back at the grave Remember you will forget by morning As it always was and as it shall remain I tomb myself every evening And let the dreams fade in denial But from behind the wall of sleep The thunder rolls closer to the wall Here Lies The Empath... "The life force has been released Into the soil moaning beyond these wooden walls My energy will never leave Will only change form to hunt you down" I've chosen my degradation My sulphur needs me here aware The wall of sleep will not be scaled by you The thunder will not breach the other side Self-doubt blurs the lines between depression and depravity Too blind to truly see the carcasses around Shadows dragging them to the hills could not pierce one layer of this Total emotional recession Let this rapture be my last?? "The war has just begun" "Stick your hand in the ivy Right where you hid them last This time those stones will whisper back" "You will not be forgiven you will not be forgiven you will not be forgiven..." Walk straight away don't look back at the grave Remember you will forget him too And I will wait Searching the lifeless bog for clues from its ghost who could release me Every trace has been obscured there is no hope for me here I'll lay where he once did amongst the thorns and fog And wait for death or sleep Woken by fingers entwined with mine Pulling me up to watch the stars They laugh as light connects them in patterns And the shapes burst forth in blue A circle of souls holding hands beneath Your final gift to this world I knew it was you Traveler, Redeemer But I knew I wouldn't change "You have all but forgotten And his starlight falls in vain" Enchantments have come and gone over the years I've wasted The suicides have coaxed and yet denounced The will to live in perfect alignment with the heart's insistings Nothing is enough to break the cycle I will remain here A spiritual destitute "Covered in Stardust, the stones grow Limbs and child eyes They walk in a line and in perfect cursive Their feet press one word into the grass And they laugh as it bursts into flames" What is the word??? What is the word??? I'll take just enough blood To bring it back into view Take just enough to see my brothers again I'll take just enough What is the word???


Physical copies available via Bindrune Recordings:



released January 31, 2020

Brendan: Guitar, Voice, Synth
Ray: Drums

Recorded by Ray at Lincoln Street Studio, Portland ME and by Dave Kaminsky at Studio Wormwood, Mansfield CT
Mixed and Mastered by Dave Kaminsky
Artwork by Nate Burns, Gustav Dorè and Stephanie Sintra


all rights reserved



Obsidian Tongue Portland, Maine

"Pure Sonic Catharsis"

Introspective Black Metal since 2009.

Brendan - Guitar, Voice, Synth

Ray - Drums

Contact: Obsidiantongueband@gmail.com
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